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Develop a Strong “Bench” of Future Health Care Management Talent

Ritch K. Eich, PhD

“The bench, which fuels [the] pipeline of an organization’s future leaders, is just as important in business as it is in sports,” says Ritch K. Eich, Ph.D. “Unfortunately, many health care organizations and hospitals underestimate the value of developing future leaders or developing a culture in which current leaders teach or mentor others to follow Read More

Does Your Internal Culture Match Your External Messaging?

Stephanie Hungerford, Director of Healthcare Marketing for Core Creative

Does your hospital or health system really live up to the brand portrayed in the messages you send to your audience? Honestly, does it really? If you’re like many health care groups around the nation, you may have a serious disconnect between how your internal culture operates and the image you try to convey to Read More

Hook Into the Headlines To Create a Powerful Media Blitz

Everyone who works in public relations or marketing knows how difficult it can be to get good media coverage for a product or event. Philips, a leading technology company that creates innovative products and solutions in health tech, decided to try to generate publicity around the idea of doctors using Google Glass during surgery to monitor Read More

Tips for Marketing to the Booming Millennial Generation

“Millennials, who are defined as individuals between the ages of 18 and 34, will surpass Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation in 2015,” note Ruth Padilla, M.A. and David Zirkle, Ph.D. “Also known as Gen Y, this group is becoming an increasingly important target for health systems, given its size and purchasing power.” Read More

Your Hospital Call Center: Costly “Extra” or Powerful Marketing Tool?

“A hospital ‘call center’ often has been considered an irritating expense health care organizations have to endure, because people use phones and want to reach a doctor or patient in the hospital,” Andrea Simon, Ph.D. says. “But maybe it’s time to ask, ‘What if we’ve always been wrong?’” Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. is a corporate Read More

Building a Brand in a Crowded Market: One Large System’s Success Story

Peter Hochstein

So let’s say you’re out to build a hospital system’s brand. And let’s also say you’re in one of the biggest markets (Dallas-Fort Worth) in one of the biggest states (Texas), competing against some of the biggest regional names in health care. While you’ve got a $2.7 million budget to work with, exclusive of direct Read More

Health Care Convergence: Are You Ready for This New Model?

Mark Fish, Managing Director, Health Solutions, FTI Consulting

In pursuit of high-quality, cost-effective care that revolves around the patient, many health care organizations seek new ways to foster system-wide collaboration. This concept involves breaking down barriers that have traditionally separated payers, providers, and patients to enable everyone to work more closely together to meet common goals. Such a way of doing business, commonly Read More

Action! When (and How) To Use Video in Your Health Care Marketing Efforts

“Videos can be a powerful marketing tool for hospitals and health systems. When used to their full potential, they accomplish multiple goals, including sharing your organization’s story to attract more patients, helping your target audience understand your services, and encouraging them to take a more proactive role in caring for their health,” note Lori Moore Read More

Could You Gain by Affiliating with a Larger Health Network?

Grinnell Regional Medical Center Logo

Is bigger better? For Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC), a 49-bed rural hospital in Grinnell, Iowa, affiliating with the larger Mercy Health Network in Des Moines has certainly had its benefits. Back in 2009, when GRMC first decided to explore creating an affiliation with a bigger network, there was growing recognition that for a community Read More

Post-Merger Branding: How A Marriage of Equals Becomes More Than The Sum of Its Parts

“It’s a marriage made in heaven,” notes Melissa Fors, Executive Director of Marketing Strategy for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation: “In February 2014, two of the nation’s best-known substance abuse treatment organizations—Hazelden and the Betty Ford Center—said ‘I do’ to a merger. This agreement marked the culmination of more than 30 years of connectedness between Read More

How the Mayo Clinic “Localized” Its Established Global Brand

The internationally known Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is among the world’s few destination medical facilities. Popular perceptions were, and probably still are, that it’s where you go for the gravest cases, the ones that can’t be handled wherever else in the world you live. But now, in addition to its destination facility in Rochester, Read More

Are You Ready for the Moment Your CEO Asks, “How Is Marketing Contributing To Our Revenue Opportunities?”

“Eighty percent of CEOs don’t really trust marketers,” says Mike Milligan, President of Legato Healthcare Marketing, Inc., citing a recent Fournaise Marketing Group survey of high-level decisions-makers. “This is painful for me to say because I’ve been on both sides of the health care marketing table. But I’ve also learned that before you can overcome a Read More

What the Consumerization of Health Care Means for You: 5 Key Trends To Watch

Lindsay Resnick

“The consumerization of health care means your customer is now in control,” notes Lindsay Resnick, Chief Marketing Officer of KBM Group: Health Services. “They are comparing prices, quality, convenience, and outcomes as they post reviews; and, refer friends and family—one way or the other. And a constant stream of technology innovation makes it easier and easier Read More

Humanizing Robotic Surgery Sets Michigan Facility Apart from the Competition

Back in 2008, Saginaw, Michigan-based Covenant HealthCare saw an opportunity to “own the robotic surgery market in the region,” says Larry Daly, Director of Planning and Business Development at Covenant HealthCare. The specific focus was da Vinci Surgical System robots, high-tech devices increasingly used in minimally invasive surgery. “Our strategy was to purchase the latest Read More

How to Map Consumer and Patient Behavior to Deliver More Marketing Impact

“In health care, it isn’t just the care that’s changing,” notes Claire Hovis, Vice President and Account Director of Capstrat, an agency that helps health care clients and others tell their stories with power and persuasion. “Power is changing.” She says “expert-driven” communications—which in the past have given providers and large corporations a strong position Read More

Why Better Physician Onboarding Leads To Higher Profits

Matt Humphrey

Serving the central and northeast regions of Pennsylvania, Geisinger Health System is one of the largest rural health systems in the nation, operating nine hospitals, along with a 1,200 member multi-specialty group practice, two research centers, and a 467,000-member health plan. While some hospitals communicate with providers themselves, Geisinger decided to try a different approach, Read More

A Fresh Take: How One Hospital Overcame Its Poor Reputation

Fresh Care. Delivered Daily. The concept is simple, yet this hand-picked brand message represents Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) perfectly. It also hits home on many levels for the hospital’s target area, which consists of Greene and Columbia counties of upstate New York. The CMH network has a total of 120 individual multi-specialty practitioners, a hospital, Read More

Behavioral Change Theory Can Assist with Your Population Health Efforts; Learn How

Susan Dubuque

“If you’re designing a prevention or health improvement program, you want to increase your chances for success,” says health care marketing expert Susan Dubuque. “And that’s possible if you build your program on a solid foundation of ‘theory,’” she says. While talk of behavioral change theory may prompt yawning or eye rolls, Dubuque notes, it’s Read More