Who’s Looking Out for Consumers’ Health Care Interests These Days?

September 24, 2020
Lindsay Resnick, executive vice president, Wunderman Thompson Health

Lindsay Resnick, executive vice president, Wunderman Thompson Health

“We’ve been exposed!” exclaims Lindsay Resnick, executive vice president at Wunderman Thompson Health.

COVID shined a bright light on American health care — the best and the worst: gaps in its value chain, disparities in communities, advances in technology, changes in consumer behavior, and a culture of collaboration in crisis.”

Resnick says health care consumers are wondering who’s looking out for their best interests. Here’s an excerpt from his new article:

Markets are being commoditized, digitalized, and retailized. Health care is at crossroads, and there’s work to be done. And it’s an election year — a big one. Health care will be a dominant issue. For many, it’s far more important than immigration, education, and “law & order.”

With the pandemic still looming and the economy struggling to move into recovery, health care affordability and access has every American asking: Who’s going to do the right thing when it comes to my health?

From communicating science to point-of-care delivery to health technology to public-private partnerships, adapting to a new normalcy will be a long, arduous road to traverse. The COVID recovery phase means making up for lost ground, recapturing missed opportunities, and preparing for changing business models and different market rules. So, what to do?

Read the full article to learn why Resnick feels it’s crucial for health care marketers to learn how to sell science and scale technology — and vote with health care top of mind:

Four Challenges Facing Health Care Marketers in COVID Recovery

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