How Aligning HR and Marketing Can Bring Your Recruitment Brand to Life

August 24, 2023
J.L. Grayson, director of brand strategy, Moffitt Cancer Center

J.L. Grayson, director of brand strategy, Moffitt Cancer Center

The scarcity of health care workers is not new. Since the 1980s, there has been significant industry chatter, particularly surrounding the critical shortage of nurses. When COVID hit, demand skyrocketed, just as the “Great Resignation” struck. Workforce shortfalls threaten patient care and have significant financial implications. One study finds that labor shortages have cost hospitals and health systems over $24 billion since the pandemic.

At this year’s Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit (HMPS), held in Austin, Texas, J.L. Grayson, Moffitt Cancer Center; Joel English, BVK; and Rebecca Priest and Rian Brooks, Michigan Medicine, revealed how they aligned marketing and HR with their organizational brands to enhance staff recruitment and retention efforts.

Part one of this two-part series will highlight Moffitt Cancer Center and part two will feature Michigan Medicine.

“Brands become more powerful when you unify all the elements underneath them,” says English.

“Our vision for workforce innovation is to harness the power of our brand to enhance team member experience and hire people who will thrive in and perpetuate our culture,” says Grayson.

In our new article, you’ll gain valuable insights on creating an effective recruitment and retention strategy by working together and leveraging the strength of your brand. You’ll also take away 7 key steps for successful HR and marketing collaboration in your own healthcare organization.

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