10 Health Care Marketing Trends To Watch in 2017

December 8, 2016
Lindsay Resnick

Lindsay Resnick, Executive Vice President at ReviveHealth

“If what we’ve seen over the past year is any indication, 2017 won’t be for the faint of heart,” says Lindsay R. Resnick, Executive Vice President at ReviveHealth, a Weber Shandwick company. “Combine the dynamics of socioeconomic-political tensions with the massive transformation happening across health care’s ecosystem—regulatory, technology, competition, innovation, finance, clinical—and you get an environment ripe for disruption—and opportunity, too.

“At the same time, marketing is undergoing its own revolution—personalization, omnichannel, ad blocking, live streaming, mCommerce, IoT, which equals another environment ripe for disruption—and opportunity.”

In our new article, Resnick spells out the top 10 health care marketing trends to watch in 2017—including the key role of storytelling and big data. He advises using this information to inform your strategic vision and design tactical actions.

Read the full article now: New Year, New Challenges: Prepare for These 10 Health Care Marketing Trends in 2017.

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